Who we are?

Maciek Kołodziejczyk (age 37)


  • traveller (visited 60+ countries), alpinist and technical scuba diver
  • travelled across Europe, Central America, Africa and Asia
  • at the age of 23 drove a car from Warsaw (Poland) to Kathmandu (Nepal) leader/member of extreme expeditions:
    – high mountain expeditions (Himalaya, Pamir, Tien Shan, volcanoes of Guatemala)
    – diving (incl. 500 m deep bathyscaphe dive; numerous shark, wreck and cave dives)
  • a contributor to „Wielki Błękit” – the biggest Polish diving magazine
  • goal oriented, analytical mind, carefully examine all  details, his optimism and enthusiasm affect everybody

M.D Patryk Krzyżak (age 41)


  •  member of Polish and European Cardiac Society
    – specializing in cardiology, especially in sport cardiology
    – scuba diving doctor – qualifying also handicapped persons for diving
  • for the several years has been leading research into functioning of cardiovascular system in extreme conditions (underwater and at high altitudes)
  • leader/member of diving and traveling expeditions (he was searching for gorillas in Uganda, lost cities in Cambodia and new bars in Hong Kong:)
  • passionate about volcanoes and volcanic islands – climbed volcanoes of Europe, Equador and Indonesia; dove around Pacifics’ volcanic islands (Galapagos, Socorro, Cocos Island)
  • underwater photographer
  • cardiosurgeon in everyday life – he implements heart pacemakers

Zbyszek Popienia (age 32)


  • computer network system administrator and designer
  • diving instructor (MSDT) and Emergency First Response instructor
  • journalist for „Wielki Błękit” diving magazine (explored New Zealand,
    dove with sharks in Fiji, in Cenotes in Mexico and many more)
  • sailing instructor with extensive sea sailing experience, traveller with passion for rock climbing
  • expert in ice diving
  • self motivated, improves his qualifiaction everyday and demands discipline from the team

Kasia Nowaczyk (age 33)


  • psychologist specializing in crisis situations
  • conducts research on extremal sports
  • diving passionate
  • trains martial arts
  • experienced in longterm mountain expeditions
  • can solve every problem – combines peace of mind and positive energy in a perfect mix.





  • make impossible possible and make it all works!
  • logistic
  • constant coverage (via satellite)
  • website design
  • media & sponsors contact
  • support on every stage of the expedition
  • back up and emergency plans