Back in the Andes – Nevado Tres Cruces 2015 Medexpedition

Our dream has come true – we’re back in the Andes! This time with bigger team, wiser by experience of the previous expedition. Ladies and Gentelmen: Nevado Tres Cruces Medexpedition 2015 is ready to start!

Objectives of the new expedition are:

– Diving in Tres Cruces Norte Lake and hit the Guinness Record in high altitude diving.

– Assessment of the behavior of the human body in extreme mountain conditions and carrying out pioneer medical research, als while scuba diving in high mountain lakes.

– Exploration of the lake, to determine the depth and the search for life forms.

– Evaluation of acclimatization patients implanted with a pacemaker and effect on heart rhythm and sleep quality.

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See u soon!



Central Institute for Sports Medicine will examine team’s health

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Ojos del Salado 2012


In 1937 two Poles (Jan Alfred Szczepański and Justyn Wojsznis) made a first ascent to the summit of Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano in the world – 6,898 meters (22,615 ft) on the Argentina-Chile border. Our team, in the 75th anniversary of this event, once again wants Polish names to be engraved in the history of conquerors. We intend to conduct a pioneering project, combining medicine, diving and exploration. On the eastern side of Ojos del Salado there is a permanent crater lake about 100 meters in diameter at an elevation of 6,390 meters (20,960 ft). The lake is still unexplored. It is believed to be the highest situated lake in the world. We intend to reach the lake by a new route and make accurate measurements and examine the physicochemical properties of water. We would like also to make a few scuba dives in the lake, trying to break the Guinness world record for the highest altitude diving. Our doctor will conduct research on the physiology of the human body in high altitude conditions and in extreme diving conditions. We plan to make additional dives in the two lower-lying lakes and shoot some underwater photos and movie. Probably for the first time in the world. The culmination of the project is to bring back the Polish flag to the top of Ojos del Salado in the 75th anniversary of the first ascent.